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Monday, March 16, 2009

Help Elect Rosanna Pulido to Congress

This is an article from a fellow blogger who describes herself as: "Conservative libertarian right-winger-ish type. ... and live in Atlanta with my dog. I write."

She stays on top of what's going on around the country and today posted the following article on her blogspot http://sarahwaydownsouth.blogspot.com/

RT @SarahDownSouth

My fellow [American Patriots] Republicans (conservatives, right-wingers, etc.)...

April 7, 2009 has the potential to be a HUGE day! As you know, Rahm Emanuel has left his seat in Congress to become Obama's Chief of Staff and Illinois law calls for a special election to replace him. Well, I've been learning all about the GOP candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Illinois and so far I like what I see!

Rosanna Pulido is a strong voice against illegal immigration and has been fighting tirelessly against it for the last few years. Unlike many politicians, she understands the consequences and how much illegal immigrants cost taxpayers each year. She understands that illegal immigration is a big problem in this country and is not only costing us money, but jobs, resources, and even lives. She's also head of the Illinois chapter of the Minutemen.

As for her other main causes, Pulido is VERY Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, and a great advocate for senior citizens. I had the brief opportunity to ask her where she stood on a number of other important issues and I can assure you, she's the real deal:

On the Stimulus..."It has not stimulated anybody but the banks and businesses that should collapse if they cannot pay their bills. It gives our money to illegal aliens. It is a terrible bill and will nearly destroy America."

On Global Warming..."Sorry over 30,000 scientists say there is no global warming, I agree with them."

On Oil Drilling in the U.S...."Drill Baby Drill!"

You get the idea! Unfortunately, the Chicago media isn't really giving Pulido the time of day and is focusing on her democratic opponent. I'd love to see this election become a national cause!!!

We need to support Pulido and get a head start on taking Congress back in '10!

You can help by spreading the word, contacting Chicago media, telling any friends you have in the Chicago area to vote for her, or donating money to her campaign. For more info, visit her website at: Rosanna Pulido: Common Sense for Illinois District 5

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