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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IMHO,,, In My (not so) Humble Opinion

This question was asked after one of my recent posts:
Q: Where is the Tea Party...haven't heard anything from them since the elections.

This is my answer to the question and I welcome YOUR response to it.

A: Which Tea Party???
Silly question you say? Well, let me explain.
There is no such thing as “THE” Tea Party, but actually there are a number of different Tea Party movements around the nation and even in our own communities. That is the good and the bad news of the TeaParty movement. The good news is that it is truly a grass roots movement of liberty minded individuals in local communities. There is no one consolidated TeaParty organization as such. There are at least three emergent groups who portray themselves (some more than others) as being “THE” TeaParty in America. The problem and the benefit of this situation is funding or the lack thereof for a ‘National’ organization.
The golden rule certainly applies to TeaParties as to most other facets of life. That being; “He who has the Gold makes the Rules.” The other axiom that applies here is that of a Benevolent Dictatorship being the best form of organization so long as the Dictator is TRULY Benevolent. Problem is that Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Therefore the humility and the benevolence of the dictator does not tend to last very long after the fame has come.
Such is the plight of the TeaParty movement. For the need of funding, they have sold out, for lack of a better term, to some of the political power brokers (Hacks) and behind the scenes ‘King Makers’ due to the need for funds to sustain the large organizations that were spawned by the widespread grassroots movements of the past couple of years.
All that having been said, I think the TeaParty movement, although somewhat dormant, is still there and just as strong or stronger than ever. In many cases they lack adequate leadership and initiative to remain active through the non-election season. Therein lies the age old problem. We have rallied to elect some new people to office and now we are abandoning them and not holding them accountable. The bottom line is this: We The People are Individually Responsible for Maintaining our Constitutional Government. If we each do our part instead of relying on “George” to do it, we will be able to maintain, but if we do not take responsibility, SOMEBODY WILL! We better hope ‘that somebody’ is truly benevolent, otherwise we could go the way of so many of the formerly free societies of the past.
As Ben Franklin once said, “[This is] a Republic ma’am, if you can keep it.” Here is the burning question of the day,,,