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Friday, November 27, 2009


By Selena Owens
November 27, 2009 NewsWithViews.com

To be sure, Conservatism is the very heart and soul of America’s principles and values. At the inception of this great country, fearless men and women heartily espoused moral truths and courageously established a land that celebrated not only liberty and freedom, but one that also engrained a moral compass in the hearts and mind of it citizenry more commonly referred to as Conservatism.

America was not established on a song and a dance; thousands of men forfeited their lives on General Washington’s bloody battlefield. Amid horrific conditions and the scarcity of supplies to the point of our revolutionary soldiers boiling leather boots for food, these men fought with a passion for a free and moral land, and women sacrificially lived their lives apart from their husbands, fathers and brothers. Together, they persevered against innumerable and unrealistic odds to ensure a life of independence for themselves, and a legacy of liberty for future generations. The battle was indeed, hard and long, yet, in the end, Conservatism won.

America is not yet 250 years old, however, government domination and moral depravity is rearing its ugly head in the land of the free and home of the brave. As a society, we often find ourselves entangled in civil, social, moral, and governmental issues on an almost constant basis that unabashedly mock our conservative roots. Battles rage on every front: in the schools, at the marriage altars, inside abortion clinics, and in the White House. Provoked and prodded by a government agenda that reeks of socialism, we must elect to rise to the occasion and proliferate Conservatism in every sector of life. There is, quite simply, no other answer for those who desire to build on the conservative foundation of their revolutionary forefathers and mothers. It is time to engage.

Simply put, we cannot afford to be faint of heart at this critical time. America stands at a pivotal point in her young life. The blood of soldiers and tears of women and children both past and present are deserving of our courage to once again fight forward—in addition to fighting back—to preserve the ideals that we know work. Our children, as well as future generations depend on us to pervade truth and liberty wherever deceit and bondage seek to have a foothold. Make no mistake—this battle will require courage and boldness on the part of the average citizen who believes in the defense of conservative values. Without a doubt, we should be conservative in lifestyle, but in defense of our freedoms and liberties, ultimate bravado is what’s called for in this hour.

It is on this premise that I want to encourage conservatives to stand for their beliefs with the strength that God provides. Certainly, any battle that we find ourselves engaged in, any stance for liberty and freedom that we undertake, and each core American value that we know is fundamentally correct and beneficial for society at large, can only be upheld by our decision to always be courageous, which is made possible by the truth of God’s word.

Naturally, there will be battles that we will have to face, however, if we place our hope and trust in God, we will not faint. His word assures us:

Isaiah 40:31- “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

I am encouraged by these words: “Soar on wings like eagles; … run and not grow weary, … walk and not be faint.”

From each viewpoint, whether soaring, running or walking, the promise given us by God is that we will not be defeated. This guarantee serves as a great source of hope and encouragement not only to obtain victory, but more importantly, to withstand the battle and be assured that we will not grow weary and faint. In other words, we will not give up because we have hope.

Conservatism is not for the faint of heart.

Never has been.

Thus, our confidence must be substantiated on the promise of Scripture for those who hope in God. This is the assurance we have that we will not be faint of heart.

© 2009 Selena Owens - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 22, 2009



This opportunity will not be available to us again until 2012 we have about a six month window

TIME INVESTMENT about 40 hours a year

All 435 congressional seats are up for election
1/3rd of the senate seats are up for election
All 300,000 committeeman seats for each party are up for election

1 month latter the committeemen elect the 3141 county leaders [have the power to appoint]
1 month latter the 3141 county leaders elect the 50 State party leaders
1 month latter the 50 State party leaders elect the National party leader
[procedures vary from state to state]

They make the party rules
They can stop the corruption in the board of election
They decide how the votes is counted and eliminate vote fraud
They choose the candidates [constitutionalist]
They determine how the presidential primary is run

1/3 – 1/2 of the seats are now vacant and many of the occupied seats are appointed therefore more than half of the seats will can win unchallenged and that in itself will give the people a majority.
If we run on the constitution we should be able to win many of the challenged seats.
Furthermore I believe that there are many elected committeemen who will be happy to see a changes in the party
We have a national plan and are rapidly filling State and County Coordinators positions.
We are looking to existing Liberty meetup group organizers throughout the country to become County Coordinators and work with other groups to fill the committeeman seats in their county in both parties

Because "We the People" are highly motivated, they are not!
Because the 2+ million “highly motivated” people who went to Washington on 9-12-09 and the 30,000,000 plus people who view or listen to Glenn Beck prove that a high percentage of the American citizens understand the problem and are ready to act and the grass roots Liberty groups across this country can reach them with this message.

You can find a PDF copy of talking points at http://joinprimarychallenge.com/info.htm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Become a Precinct Committeeman and help Restore the Republic:

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

In 2010 one third of the senate seats and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for election, along with the approximate 600,000 committeeman seats across the country, all 6,282 county leaders, all 100 State leaders and both National party leaders. Lets send them a message they will never forget and take back the control of our government by 2012.

Because right now it is being controlled by "gangster's". This opportunity will not be available to us again until 2012 in which case we would have to wait until 2014 to take back the control of our government, I don't believe America can wait that long. Do you?

Become a Precinct Committeeman
and help Restore the Republic:

Precinct Committeemen decide who the candidates will be! That’s power, that’s the Primary Challenge which is the only peaceful solution to take back our country. We the people can make sure that only honest constitutionally minded people in both parties become candidates and not the endless cycle of bankster lawyers that serve the "elite" through special interest groups and the federal mafia [reserves].

Precinct Committeemen are the most powerful people to make a change in elections. There are 180,000 precincts in the country. 180,000 precincts/3141 counties = average of 60 precincts per county. There are one and in some states two committee persons for each party therefore we need to fill an average of 100 Democrat and 100 Republican positions in each county. So that is an average of 200 committee persons for both parties per county. Since more then 1/3 of the committeeman seats are vacant and "many" of the occupied seats are appointed we will be able to take "more than 50% of the seats unchallenged which in itself is enough to take back the country. Furthermore "We the People" are highly motivated, they are not!

So if all the county organizers from all the Liberty Meetup Groups and Tea Parties focus on filling the positions in their own county we can easily take control of the candidate process and run honest constitutionally minded people at all levels in both parties from our town dog catcher all the way up to the president.

A Precinct Committeeman will need to invest an average of 30 hours a year, this is what we the people “must” do to reinstate our constitution and save the Republic. Will you?

We the People" need to understand the constitutional powers that we entrusted to Washington and our States. We also need to understand the difference between a Politician and a Statesmen. A Politician is partisan a Statesmen Represents "all" of his or her constituents with dignity and honor.

Once 'We the People" take control of the candidate process for 2012 we can then return this country to the "Constitutional Republic" we were meant to be.

To do this we need to know the Constitution we expect these candidates to "obey"! We need to understand that there can be "Only One Argument", we need to understand what a "Constitutional Republic" is, we need to understand the "Common Sense Positions".

If you can't find the time to help save the republic then the American way will be lost for ever. It is our duty to stand up for the Republic, as of October of 2009 we only have six months to accomplish our goals after which our "window of opportunity" will be lost until 2014 and I seriously doubt we have that much time. America "Please Wake Up!

Join the National, State and Local Groups below
and help us take our Country back!

Join the National Precinct Activists

Join our Conference call every Monday at 9PM EST on Paltalk

Click your State to the left and join people in your State and county

United We Stand
Divided We Fall

Please read "The Only Argument"


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