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Monday, March 23, 2009

DO NOT READ if you want to be comfortable!!!

While the accompanying treatise is a very scholarly and detailed, though somewhat graphic, expose of the AIG mess and a look at the current overall banking debacle, IT IS BY NO MEANS THE WHOLE STORY. This is merely a huge bleeding sore caused by the internal cancer that has inhabited the body now called America since BEFORE it’s founding in the 1700’s. To adequately describe the “cancer” and its origins and metastases would require MANY volumes. This has been detailed by authors such as Carrol Quigley in his books The Naked Capitalist and Tragedy and Hope . There are many other scholarly volumes available which lay bare the machinations of the “Illumanists” who have dreamed of and blueprinted the New World Order, by various different names for at least 250 years. One World Government is nothing new. The concept has been promoted and dreamed of for centuries. It just so happens that all of the necessary components of crisis now seem to be in place, as never before, for these power hungry international bankers to complete their plan.
May God help us as we attempt to stand united, much as the patriots did in 1776.

In that same spirit, Please Join me for http://taxdayteaparty.com/
Woody Wood
Mobile, AL 36609

Liberty is an easy word to say, but it is a hard word to live up to. Freedom has little to do with financial gain or personal pleasure. Accompanying Freedom is her constant and unattractive companion, Responsibility. Neither is she an only child. Patriotism and Morality are her sisters. They are inseparable; destroy one and all will die. Chuck Baldwin
From: Rodney
Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 10:40 AM

A must read... Almost too much for one's mind to consider. The question is, "where do we go from here?"

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From: Russ C
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 7:40 PM
Subject: Fw: must read, IMHO

Regardless of what side you may lean politically, if you care to take the time to go to the site and read
the article in its entirety, you will have a much greater grasp out of what has happened to our economy
or our future. I have to say that the language is at times a bit rough but so are the characters in this

It is a long expose on how we arrived at this point in history but it is highly revealing as to who the real
bad guys are in this rotten scandal.

This was forwarded to me from a good friend in TX.

Many Americans consider themselves patriots and say they would struggle to save what is left of America's future. On the other hand they refuse to invest the time needed to begin to understand why many of us feel that we are seeing the total destruction of the system we have come to know as America. Nothing short of the theft of America's wealth is unfolding daily by a hand full of greed driven psychopaths who populate not only many of America's largest companies, but more importantly form the backbone of BOTH political parties and every government leader from the new president on down.

Five years ago it was becoming clearer and clearer to me that this disaster was coming and nothing but foxes were anywhere near the hen house. That is when I decided to move my family and my assets away from the epicenter of the disaster. That is why I am writing you today from half a world away. But things have developed even faster than I anticipated and now is the time for all Americans to wake up! If you are among the few that are already awake than get stirring the fire. If not, then read on.

I attach herein a long "tell it like it is" article that explains the incredible theft of money and power that is taking place at this very moment and has been developing for the past decade under the "leadership" of both corrupt political parties. It is a plane spoken explanation not by the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal but by Rolling Stone Magazine of all places. Not another article written for economists and mystifying to all outside the world of wall street. Rather an article that explains the theft of the future of every single American worker, saver , investor and every person unfortunate enough to hold a single US dollar or dollar denominated asset. If you are among these then you need to read it. You can read the article by using the following link:


Don't blame the intelligent global investors who will soon be abandoning all investing in US assets for doing what is clearly the right thing. Do you wonder why Helicopter Ben Bernanke just announced the fed will use its own debt paper to buy its own debt paper to put more debt paper into the American system. Could it be because he is on notice that nobody else will be buying our debt paper very very soon? Take the time now to learn who the villains are and to realize the worst of the lot are those America is depending on to fix the situation. Don't blame chinese investment authorities, who will soon stop buying all US Tpaper, when Americans themselves refuse to do anything to bring sanity back to the US political/financial system.

Some day your grandkids or great grandkids are going to ask you what happened? Where is the America they see in the old movies? Will you be ready to answer? Or will you say you had more important things to do than to read this 8 page article and begin to decide for yourself how you must act on it?

This is not the time for ignorance and complacency. This is the time to read, research on your own and commit to extraordinary action including action in the streets. It may be too late already, as rumors abound that the military has already prepared for the supression of public demonstrations utliizing the anti terrorist authorities granted by the last corrupt US administration to protect the new corrupt US administration. Protect them from whom? From you and every other person who can see that what is being done is wrong on every level. .

If you are ready to surrender than don't waste any more time. Go on waiting for the Obama/Geithner recovery just as you waited for the Bush/Paulson recovery. Go on and follow the sheeple in front of you to the slaughter and enjoy doing your "patriotic duty" on April 15th. Maybe your job or pension will continue a while longer. Maybe Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, AIG, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, the private Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of America, the Republicans or the Democrats will not need to steal it from you just yet. Or maybe you will be among the "lucky" ones who will keep your job but work harder and harder for less and less in an economy that will demand more and more pieces of worthless fed debt paper for everything you need to feed your family. Or maybe you will want a voice in what the future holds whether it is heard in the end or not? Up to you! Guess we will soon know who the real patriots are...

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Bradley Hankins said...

All we need to get ourselves out of this mess is a little common sense. For those of us who are attending the Tea Parties, or would love to attend such an event, we have common sense, and good for us to put it at work. I am not saying that President Obama and co. have no common sense, they are letting their liberal/socialist values leak out and take over their common sense, and now they believe that they are actually doing good for the country. One can easily see how they think they are doing good, they are just blind by faith in their beliefs that their system of managing will work - and there is proof around the world that being socialist in nature will not work.

We as Americans need to return to our original values that created this country, and I believe we will not be worrying about these problems in a decade, it will just be history that hopefully we will be teaching to be a very bad time, but as a nation we got out of the mess together.