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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beginning Of A New World Monetary System

Hot off the press!!! Hope you are ready for this. Things are starting to move VERY fast. Hang on or you will be sucked down the swirling drain into the "Financial Sewer".

March 20, 2009
Inside this urgent issue ...
Coming April 2: The Beginning Of A New World Monetary System
Dear Woody,

In recent issues, I've warned you about the massive forced currency devaluations and asset reflation scheme in the works at the highest levels of governments and central banks worldwide.

And judging by recent comments from international leaders, the plan seems to be picking up momentum.

Early next month on April 2, the G-20 countries will meet in London. Undoubtedly, the spotlight will be on what leading finance ministers and central bankers plan to do about the global financial sewage. What you won't hear much about, though, will be the secret meetings hidden from the media to forge a radical overhaul of the world's monetary system.

The real goal of the G-20 meetings: Creation of a new financial order based upon drastically new units of paper or fiat money to help wipe the world's debt ledgers clean.

How? By systematically and progressively devaluing existing currencies, especially the U.S. dollar and re-inflating ALL asset prices.

If the plan shapes up as I think it will, my current target for gold of $2,270 could turn out to be ultra-conservative. Depending on how the new currencies are structured, we could ultimately be looking at $5,000 gold ... or even higher!

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Larry Edelson
Editor, Real Wealth Report


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