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Monday, October 31, 2011

An Educated Electorate: The Long Term and Only Working Solution

When JBS Founder Robert Welch surveyed the situation in which America found itself in the mid-1950s, his extensive study and research led him to one overriding conclusion: America's deep-rooted problems were not new and they could only be overcome with an educated electorate.

Think about that for a minute. An electorate educated in the classical tradition of the Founding Fathers and having a respect for and duty to the Constitution and the rule of law would eliminate most of the national problems we have today. Of course, that's easier said than done, especially when most folks look for the quick fix as we are all accustomed to the digitally fueled world of instant gratification.

Robert Welch's solution included getting at least 500 constitutionalists actively educating opinion molders, community leaders, and other "pullers-at-the-oars" in each Congressional District. Great success has been had over the years in areas where this has been employed.

Think of being able to stop making the mistakes of the past from occurring in the present and future. History only repeats itself because of ignorance, but knowing these mistakes and implementing solutions based on the Constitution and free market principles can make all the difference.

Think of having constitutionally limited government: much less government with much less cost, balanced budgets, few and lower taxes, more take home pay for yourself or to spend on your family or your church, charities and community.

With limited government comes an ending of the Federal Reserve or at least competition to break the government's monopoly on money. No wild boom or bust business cycles, no inflationary measures. Rather, you're free to lead your life responsibly.

But to reach this, takes work. Are you continuously educating yourself and others with news from JBS, The New American and Liberty News Network? Studying the Constitution and understanding that if we ignore one part, then the whole is in jeopardy? Working with your Chapter and volunteer leaders on outreach programs and building a base of understanding with elected leaders? Taking advantage of the online schooling programs from FreedomProject Education for Grades 6-12? Reaching out to like-minded organizations and activists?

With all the work that goes on out there, day in and day out, feel free to share your successes with us by emailing jbs@jbs.org. We want to hear from you!

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