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Saturday, April 10, 2010

God and Israel

Reposted from www.JBS.org

Saturday, 10 April 2010 by DivineMessenger
It is apparent that our current administrations relationship with Israel is deteriorating. Probably due in large part to our "presidents" (president is in quotes because I believe that he most likely is in office unconstitutionally) Muslim ties and roots. The Bible is clear those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who cures Israel will be cursed. So once again Obama is finding ways to destroy the United States. But what does this mean for Israel and end time prophecies?

The Bible tells us that Israel will be attacked by the Northern countries.... Russia, Syria, Iran etc. So I ask you what is the main reason nobody has made any serious moves against Israel? Simply put it is the United States. If it wasn't for our presence and our close relationship, Israel would be harassed and attacked even more than it is right now. Our relationship is now strained and there is a likelihood that this administration would do nothing to aid Israel and I believe that they are sending just such signals to the rest of the world. Add to this the fact the Iran is quite possibly only days away from having a nuke and the means to deliver it we wind up with a scenario that just might be Biblical.

So what can we expect if these nations move against Israel? Well if this is in fact one of the predicted battles described in the Bible you will see these Norther nations mount an attack against Israel in such a large scale that there is absolutely NO way they can win. It will be far more lopsided than even David and Goliath was. Think about it the combined strength of these nations coming against little Israel. Israel is approximately the size of the state of Maryland and has a population of 7.5 million people. Think of the state of Maryland entering into war against the U.S. and Canada. No chance, No way, No how can Israel win. They would be wiped off of the face of the planet just like the president of Iran would like! EXCEPT for one thing. Though none stand beside her, she (Israel) will win, and it will be a decisive victory. So much so that the weapons of war left behind by enemy troops will be used as energy to fuel the nation of Israel for years to come. This is such a victory that there can only be ONE explanation. There is a God. He is the God of the Bible. Jesus is His Son and the Christ. The whole world better sit up and take note and repent for the end is very near. This would be a miracle on par with the parting of the Red Sea and the entire world would be its witness.

Selah (means think or reflect upon this)
Christ be with you always.


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