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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can I Be TOO Serious About Freedom?

I have been told on a number of occasions by friends and associates that I need to “Chill Out”! These folks contend that I am too serious about the “political situation” in our nation and indeed, in the world. These folks are correct in their presumption that I am VERY serious about our local, national and international socio-political situation. Am I TOO serious??? I think not. I do not believe that one can be TOO serious when the freedom of an entire nation is in jeopardy. Make no mistake about it,,, THE FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES WE ENJOY IN THIS CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC ARE IN JEOPARDY! If you are not aware of this fact, you must have been living on some other planet for the last several years. Can we do something about that situation? Yes we can.

This is not a new problem, but certainly one that has escalated in intensity over the past eight and a half years. I have recently coined a quote which I believe summarizes the problem and cries out for action.

“The NWO (New World Order) is the ultimate goal of those who conspire to control the world and ALL else is just a smoke screen or a diversionary tactic!” The smoke screens and diversionary tactics are the thing which we as Americans must be aware of and wary of. Most political experts and strategists agree that very little if anything happens accidentally in the world of politics and international affairs. Sometimes it is not the ‘what’ that is as important as the ‘why’, when we look at world and national events. We need to develop a mindset that questions every political action (and inaction) as to WHO will benefit (or lose) by virtue of the action. Sometimes, but not always, it as simple as following the money. If some individual or special interest group tends to profit greatly from an action, it may be purely an incident motivated by monetary greed . In most cases however, I find that the trail leads to a far more serious motivation and greed than that of money,,, THAT MOTIVE IS POWER AND CONTROL.

Historians tell us that there has been a group of Globalists who have sought to achieve a One World Government since before the United States became a Nation. They embody both the hunger for power and money. Truth is, they see nothing wrong with this since they feel that they were born for this purpose and are entitled, yea even destined to be the “controllers” of the world. These men are sometimes referred to as the “puppet masters” or the “shadow government”. They seldom, if ever aspire to hold public office, but rather prefer to control those who hold such offices (either elective or appointive) in order to achieve their overall objective(s). I prefer to call these power brokers the “Insiders”, a name coined by Robert Welch, the founder of one of the oldest and most politically and historically well educated conservative groups of the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

It is obvious that we as individuals cannot overpower those mega-millionaires who conspire to control the entire world. The best we can hope to do is raise the awareness of the public to the seriousness of their plan. If we can educate and activate a small but dedicated percentage of the people to rise up and speak out against this power hungry throng of Insiders, we can turn the tide. The dark, underhanded tactics of such men (groups) will not withstand exposure to the bright light of public opinion. We MUST Educate and inform ourselves and others in order to expose this treasonous plot (some dare call it Conspiracy) to rule America and the world.

This brings me back to my original point;I do not believe that one can be TOO serious when the freedom of an entire nation is in jeopardy. When Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe and others were forming this great Constitutional Republic, do you suppose they had nay sayers and detractors who thought that they were “too serious” about what they were doing? Possibly so, but I would tend to believe that the rank and file American at that time was so dedicated to the cause of escaping the dictatorial powers of a King, that they were glad to serve and to support and to do WHATEVER it took to achieve freedom. My greatest fear is that today the complacent American has abandoned that fierce love of freedom and liberty that his forefathers had. It is very distressing to try to educate and activate people who either (A) no longer care about their freedom or (B) believe that “everything will turn out OK” without their effort.

I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RAISE THE RED FLAG ANY HIGHER OR SHOUT THE ALARM ANY LOUDER!!!! WE ARE HEADED OVER THE CLIFF TOWARD CERFDOM AND SLAVERY! If we as free Americans don’t act soon, we will pass a point of no return. We have lost more freedom and incurred more debt since January 20, 2009 than at ALL other times in the history of our nation combined. As one physicist put it, we are rapidly reaching CRITICAL MASS. That is when the chain reaction occurs which cannot be stopped that will lead our Nation and even the World into a planned One World Government or New World Order, which has been carefully orchestrated over many years. IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL!

I for one, do not choose to be controlled by a group of arrogant, wealthy, potbellied bankers who are on a self anointed, self appointed power trip. Perhaps they are appointed by satan himself, but that is all the more reason to come against their diabolical plot. Am I TOO Serious??? I think not, but I assure all who will listen that I do not want to be placed in the same concentration camp with those Pseudo-Americans who deliberately choose to do nothing (to fiddle while Rome burns). I believe that would be a very painful and short lived event. I am asking EVERY American to adopt the attitude and determination of William Wallace (Brave Heart) who, with his last tortured breath cried,,, FREEEEDOMMMM!!!

Join the cause to help save our once great nation. Call me at 251-656-2363 or E-Mail me at woody@commtotal.com . Join our Facebook Group God Bless America! (Alabama). We ARE all in this together whether we like it or not. If each of us does something, a few will not have to do everything. Think about your personal pride and your national pride. If you are a Christian or a Jew, think about your Godly duty. If you have a family, think about the kind of world you are leaving for your kids and grand kids. I implore you,,, PLEASE get involved in some way to help save America today.

By: Woody Wood

God Bless America! (Alabama)

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